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My experience

As Account manager UX Designer Influence Consultant Community Manager

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Account Management
Community Manangement
SEO & Marketing
UX Design

Previous companies

I worked for three communication agencies (Search Laboratory, Zee Agency and iProspect), three startups (Ledger, Brigad and Mayoz) and one NGO (UNICEF).

Working for start-ups, I had to handle mutliple subjects at once and to find solutions. Working for agencies gave me diverse experiences for different clients.
I was able to work for approximately 70 clients and help them in their website creation or optimisation and the creation of SEO, community management and influence strategies.

My clients worked in different fields which allowed me to have a rich and diverse experience. The broad range of industries I was able to work for were: beauty, food, lifestyle, fashion, automobile, video games, tourism, bank, insurances or charity.

Main clients