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Marine Granger

Digital account manager specialised in influence

Welcome to my portfolio !

Marine Granger


As a digital account manager, I’m in charge of the creation and management of web projects for clients or digital agencies. I coordinate the teams and make sure the project respects the budget and the planningMy experience as UX designer allows me to better understand the customers’ needs and to offer solutions answering them (wireframes and prototypes).

After working 4 years in the influence field, I can also manage influence strategies with relevant Key Opinion Leaders.

Key numbers

years of experience
Activated influencers and webzines

My services

Account management

Needs understanding, management of the planning and budget, team coordination, update of contents in different CMS, recommandation, KPIs monitoring, reportings.

UX Design

Needs understanding, brainstorming, user recrutement, interviews and user tests, prototypes using Figma, creation of a design system.

Influence et netlinking

Competitors audit, influence or netlinking strategy creation, reserach of relevant KOL, contracts, content proofreading, reportings, KPIs monitoring

Community management

Trends monitoring, editorial strategy, publications plan, community animation, performance monitoring and reporting.